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The General Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration (GCAIC) of NCHU was founded on 01August 2014. To activate school assets, increase collaboration, and industrialization, GCAIC focuses on coordinate the internal assets of school and link with outside parties in order to add brand value and share research advantages via multilateral experiences.

To approach this goal, we integrated six modules, including Incubation Collaborations, Testing Services, Intellectual Property Industrializing, Practical and Coaching, Assets Utilizing, and New Venturing.


  1. Cross-strait Trade, Investment, and Finance Assisting
  2. Manufactures testing and certificating
  3. IP and Technologies Trading Assisting
  4. Corporate Practical and Coaching
  5. Campus Leasing and Collaborating
  6. NCHU Trademark Authorizing, Co-Branding, and Jointly-Running

Any interesting, please call or mail to:

General Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration of NCHU

Phone: +886-4-2285-9477 ext. 13

E-Mail: gcaic@dragon.nchu.edu.tw